Return to Sender

img_8726There’s always going to be someone who simply just doesn’t like you, and will do and say anything to get everyone else to feel the same way. Someone ignoring the good they hear about you but running w/ negative stuff automatically labeling it truth. Someone that tries to tear you down & discredit everything you do in life. It’s a common thing. There are those who live in action,and those who simply live for reactions.
There’s a reason you’re always a target,especially when it’s the same people all the time. New levels in life (whether spiritually,financially,emotionally,professionally,etc) always attract both new and familiar devils. Your foundation must remain unshaken. As my oldest sister always reminds me,“misery loves company and you know that will never change,so keep doing what you do and living your life.”
Stop allowing negativity to exist in your life. It doesn’t belong,no matter what form or what person its presented in. Make the decision today, not only to stop rsvp’g to unhappy people’s anger cycles,but to just stop opening their invitations altogether. 💕


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