One Morning She Woke up Different..

img_8723💕💕💕🙌🏾💯💯💯 This is so fitting for my 2016 journey! A load was lifted once I stopped worrying about these things. But the truth is this phase of your life will frustrate or annoy people around you. It will make them say things about you that aren’t true,it’ll make them walk away from you because you’re “acting funny” ,it’ll even make them devote time and effort to trying to make you feel some type of way or trying to make others not love you as much. I always tell ppl “it’s funny. when I was petty ,bitter ,life was crappy, I had more issues than Vogue, and I was doing halfway bad but still there for everyone else, everybody loved me.” The bottom line is everyone who loves who you WERE won’t be pleased with who you’ve BECOME ,and that’s okay.💕


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