You Ain’t Slick😒: Online Shade from Friends & Family We Tend to Overlook

img_87251. When a person never comments on any of your social media posts but always seems to give an indirect response to them on her own page 😑 Example: (your post) “So glad I’m leaving for vacation tomorrow and get to play in the ocean for 3 days!” Their post:(usually between a few minutes late or a day later) “Some people have their priorities out of order. Taking vacations is overrated and won’t teach your children anything. By the way here’s a selfie of me and my daughter because we have fun without trying to impress others with vacations” 🙄

2. When a person likes every single item you used in your Polyvore set but doesn’t like your polyvore set itself. 😑

3. When a person comments on a pic on your page but specifically compliments everyone in the pic but you 😒

4. When a person who’s supposed to be your friend or family member is fawning all over your former boo’s new interest🙄

5. When you post something that gets a lot of likes then they try to discredit you on their own page Example: you post a pic on the beach in a two piece and everyone loves it..they later post a meme about not needing to take clothes off to get attention. 🙄 (I supposed we should swim at the beach in turtlenecks and Capri pants.

6. When they’re mad at you for whatever reason (there’s always a reason for shade throwers to be mad ) so they do a major shoutout to the most important people in their lives but conveniently leave you out of the lineup.

7. When they criticize you for something that they’re always praising other people for doing. Them: you’re longwinded and nobody has time to read all that (10 min later) they’re liking ,loving ,and sometimes reposting even longer posts than your own,sometimes about the very same topics.

8. When you make a comment about something you do or something you’ve achieved,and they come out of nowhere dropping comments like “ I’ve known you forever and didn’t know you did that” as if to imply that you have to be lying. 😒

9. When you post a statement or pic embracing the skin you’re in /your size,and they in response post one praising just the opposite.

10. When they constantly make critical comments about mutual people we know that share the same qualities as you. Example: she knows you’re a size 14 and she goes on and on about how Judy from school is so “fat” and “sloppy” at a size 12.😒


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