Take Time to Care

Tonight I almost hit a guy dressed in all black that was standing in my lane on the highway while on my way to work. After swerving around him and pulling over to stop and calm down(it shook me up something serious), I saw he had moved out of the roadway and had fallen to the ground crying.

 It may have been stupid, but I took a chance and got out to talk to him from a short distance. This man wanted to end his life because he had recently lost his home,hadn’t eaten in days and couldn’t feed his family. He felt he was doing the world a favor. 

I managed to talk him into walking to the gas station nearby and pulled around to buy him food,drinks,give him shelter phone #s and addresses, and to briefly pray with him,but it broke my heart to hear his story. 

You really just never know what people are going through, especially when the holidays hit because that’s not always a cheerful time for everyone. I may not have saved his life as he kept saying, but I’m just happy I was able to save him for one more night to give life one more shot tomorrow.đź’• 

Be kind to people,you never know what kind of impact you may have.


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