Why Do We Care So Much About the Angela Yee-Gucci Mane Story? 

I got online yesterday to do my normal scrolling, and saw updates everywhere regarding Breakfast Club’s Angela Yee being called out by rapper Gucci Mane. It appears he called her out on her radio show for trying to “get at him” back in the day by asking what hotel he was staying at.😒
I’m not really sure what satisfaction Gucci got out of calling her out,being that he’s happily engaged. And from what it seems, everyone’s going pretty hard on Angela Yee for swearing on her unborn child that nothing Gucci Mane mentioned ever happened,even though old videos of the interview they did in the past have surfaced. 😳 Twitter obviously had a field day with memes regarding Angela Yee’s denial. However,I can’t help wonder….why do we care so much about who’s telling the truth?
I’m all for calling people out on their crap and their lies when it affects me,or is doing harm to someone. But I can’t help but feel disappointment in society for making so much effort to bully someone else,instead of lifting someone up. All the time spent targeting Angela Yee could be spent highlighting the success of yet another black educated student that recently got into Harvard, or another black woman with a successful business. Why are we spending so much time and effort criticizing others all for the sake of entertainment?
With all the division the US is already experiencing, and all the important issues we could be dedicating our time and efforts to, why are we instead using that time to analyze gossip in order to be able to make fun of someone who did nothing to be called out in the first place? 
It broke my heart to see more posts about Angela Yee and Gucci Mane yesterday than posts about the Aleppo families and children. To see more posts about Yee lying than posts congratulating Winter college graduates made me sad to see the reality: that we overall tend to prefer negativity and drama to positivity and helping to change the world.
We’re all human,and I get it. Drama can be entertaining at times,but be mindful of how you’re making someone feel when you partake in the drama by criticizing those involved. Know when to draw the line between observing drama and bullying someone because of it. Sometimes ignoring petty situations can help decrease them in the future. Most people tend to act out and bully people less when they realize no one’s paying attention to them or supportive of their behavior. I hope that in 2017 we’ll be more mindful of the issues we put most of our energy and focus into, in the attempts to advance as a whole and promote more unity among us.💕


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