Whaaaat??? Tiny’s divorcing TI?

I must say I was surprised to hear a few days ago that Tiny filed for divorce from longtime hubby TI! It’s not that I was surprised that things were rocky, because we all know all of the stories of infidelity on TI’s part, the questionable relationship between Floyd Mayweather and Tiny, etc. I was more shocked that a divorce is actually in the works! I honestly didn’t think Tiny would ever truly decide enough is enough. But she did, and I’m not mad at her for that.

Everyone keeps saying that she’s foolish for even thinking about leaving TI, which causes me to give major side eye to onlookers that clearly have no clue. TI may be a great rapper, but let’s be real. I would hope everyone born mid 80s and older would know that Tiny was established and doing the dang thing well before she met TI. It’s even been said quite a few times that it was Tiny’s coins that funded TI’s career in the beginning. So let’s not pretend Tiny doesn’t have it going on enough to stand on her own two feet. Some of these youngsters that are so vocal about the situation obviously don’t know that Tiny was a member of the great group Xscape, still gets major coins for writing songs for others, and also is a great businesswoman. Don’t get me wrong, none of this means Tiny should go around screaming she doesn’t need a man and acting like overly independent women tend to act. However, she will definitely be okay being single should she choose to enjoy herself for a little bit.

If we’re being honest, we may love these two together, but the marriage wasn’t exactly a healthy one. A marriage full of infidelity is a marriage that obviously lacks respect. You may respect someone for being a go getter, holding you down, loving you differently than others, but that doesn’t and shouldn’t cancel out the respect you should have for the marriage itself. With all the infidelity we’ve heard about over the years, it was only a matter of time before the dynamics of this marriage began crumbling. One sided respect never goes over well in relationships. Often it causes a lot of tension, tit for tat behavior, and even sometimes causes the victim of the infidelity to begin to act out of character due to the pain, embarrassment, and/or anger the infidelity causes.

My heart goes out to Tiny, in hopes that she does what is best in this time of rockiness. I pray that God guides her heart and mind to be on one accord and do what she needs to do to establish wholeness, happiness, and healthiness in her life.I hope that she knows that she is beautiful inside and out, and that she deserves a man that will love her the way God intended for us to be loved and adored by our partner. I would love so much to send her a free copy of my book Stop Saying Yes to Mr. No Good, but I don’t know if she’d be offended by my genuine gesture. However I feel that it’s a book she’d really enjoy reading during this time that may turn into a permanent nightstand fixture from here on out.

Keep your head up Tiny, and know that many of us are supportive of you, no matter what you choose to do.


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