Open Letter to Chipotle 

Let’s talk. I have questions. There are a few things that are always on my mind,considering I eat at Chipotle weekly.

1. When are you guys gonna start selling or streaming the music played inside Chipotle? The music is always dope, and I find myself always jamming in the line. I would totally buy a Chipotle soundtrack. Something to think about. 

2. Why is the music always so loud? Don’t get me wrong,I love whoever selects the music to be played because it’s awesome! But why do I feel like im entering Club Chipotle anytime I walk through the doors? Carrying on a phone conversation once you walk in is hopeless, and sometimes I feel like I’m shouting my order across the counter in the same way that I’d shout my drink request over a bar counter. 

3. There is nothing…..nothing….nothinnnnnnnnng *in my Whitney Houston singing voice followed by a dramatic pause* …..that sets off a half chicken-half steak bowl from Chipotle like a fresh Coke. It’s like winning the lottery but then finding out you got a million dollar bonus on top of that just for playing. It’s like someone leaving their umbrella in your car accidentally on a stormy day. It’s like finding out your crush likes you too, or getting the very first “good morning beautiful” of the day.  

So you can imagine,with all that being said, how a piece of me died inside when the soda fountain is out of Coke,or only has over carbonated Coke. It’s a horrible feeling,like I imagine losing in the playoffs right before the NBA championship or the Super Bowl would feel. Don’t build me up with such a delicious meal just to tear me down with an “out of order” sign. Please keep your Coke fountains running in abundance. My tastebuds are rooting for you.

4. Keep the veggies red. I don’t know what it is about those red veggies but it seems like the employees take pride in seasoning those bad boys! Red veggies at chipotle are always on point,never burned like the green ones sometime tend to be, and they’re just…magical. 

5. You knew this was coming. It’s the gripe many of us have. It can ruin your whole Chipotle experience . Whyyyyyyy are the employees so stingy with the meat portions?! I get it. You guys have a lot of people to feed. I understand if you don’t want to overload anyone’s plate without them paying for double meat. But come on. Some of your employees guard the meat for dear life, and I shouldn’t have to ask for double meat just to get 6 or 7 pieces of chopped meat total. Maybe we can come to an understanding  on how much one serving of meat actually is, so I won’t feel like it’s my birthday one day, then like I’m being served portions from the Depression era on other days. 

Maybe a little more consistency? Stop being skeet with the meat.😒 and the same goes for the red veggies.😑 

I love you guys. I’ll probably be back tomorrow for lunch. Just thought you should get some honest feedback  from a devoted customer. 💕 


  1. January 29, 2017 / 6:54 pm

    I lovvvveee this post 🙌🏽👏🏽

    • January 30, 2017 / 5:26 am

      Lol thanks!💕💕💕

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