Something to Think About

I care nothing about how well you can put together an outfit or how much you spent on it. I care nothing about how many chicks want to sleep with you or how many men you get to pay your bills. I care nothing about how many likes you get online or how ” poppin” you THINK you are. I care nothing about how great of a sneak disser you are. I care nothing about how bad or crappy you can make someone feel. These things are useless, yet they’re everything to today’s society.

At the end of the day,can someone say you’ve helped them,motivated them? Have you been generous in your giving of positive things or just generous with foolery and negativity? Have you fed or given to someone in need and not just for show? Are you truly making a difference in others lives when you really think about it? When you leave this earth will there be great things to say about you or will people have to make up nice things to say and just have a bunch of foolish stories?

I’m just saying…we tend to love living for the wrong things..why not try to live for the right ones? What’s more important,purposeful life or “poppin”? Something to think about…have a good day!

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