Slow it down: Self reminders from the sick and shut in

I am writing this from my bed, where I have been lying miserably for the past week due to having some horrible case of B strain flu. Although I feel like crap and hate being pretty much on bed arrest, I must say that this experience has caused me to have to slow all the way down and take care of myself much better than I was.

I have a tendency to go,go, and go on a daily basis. Sometimes it’s due to my own restlessness and overload of things I want to do, and other times it’s doing for others to make everyone else’s lives a little easier. There is no chill, and if there was I wouldn’t even know what it looked like. I get a ridiculously small and unhealthy amount of sleep each day due to insomnia, and this latest health issue has really made me have to face the fact that my lack of sleep probably plays a significant part in why I’ve been getting so sick recently, and why it’s always severe.

Last night, I decided to pick up my notebook and write for a bit (although I had promised myself I wouldn’t while I was sick), but it wasn’t to complete any writing assignments or work on any of my books. It was to simply write myself a quick reminder that I have to prioritize myself from here on out…no ifs…no buts…no excuses. Up until now I have had the tendency to make taking care of me an option, and the universe seems to be finding ways lately to force me to make myself more of a priority.

So while I am miserably sick, I will do just what the doctor ordered: take all these meds, drink fluids, stay in bed as much as I can, don’t go to work, and relax. Easier said than done, but extremely necessary,not just for my health but mentally also. Hope everyone else has been having a great week!

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