Right on time: Early thoughtful birthday gifts

It’s a true blessing to have what I call right on time people in your life. They’re always there, and even when you don’t talk everyday they know exactly what to say or do to remind you of who you’re destined to be in times that you may get discouraged or sidetracked. This was one of those moments.💕✨
I sat at work overnight stressed and overwhelmed yet again about not being able to write as freely as I want to due to my crazy schedule. I’m overflowing with the right words but lacking the time to get it all out. I came home this morning to a gift that to me is a reminder to keep working hard when I can,even in my moments where I wanna just say “F*%* it”, and to RELAX and slow down.
My birthday isn’t until the 13th,but this customized notebook and “Solution for writer’s block” flask  were right on time and perfect!

To my cousin Dana…I totally thank you for ..just knowing all the time when I need a reminder, a voice of reason, and just being a “right on time” person in my lifeđź’• awww you luhhhh me! 🤗 #solutiontowritersblock #familylove #familybffs 💕✨

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