Happy Birthday to me

My year of 32 was definitely an amazing one..filled with blessings,abundance, happiness, vacations,and awesome people. I can only hope for even greater things to happen this year.

So far 2017 has been a hectic, super stressful year. I’m slowly but surely learning the true meaning of the phrase “to whom much is given much is required”. I’m learning that very few people truly care about your wellbeing so you absolutely have to take care of you or you will eventually start falling apart physically and exhausting yourself behind trying to be everything to everyone else. I’m learning how to be much more kind to myself instead of a huge critic. I’m learning how to still be loyal and supportive of my friends and family but to also give myself space to keep peace of mind.and many more life lessons I won’t bore you with.

My expectations for year 33? I’m going to read books, 150 to be exact. I’m going to write books. Take a trip or four. Swim in beautiful oceans. Cheer my son on in sports,robotics,etc. love on my loved ones. Kiss boys that are lucky enough to win my heart over. Buy a new home possibly. Invest more money for me and my son’s future. Invest more in myself. Support and connect with dope people and things. Try to kick my insomnia. Exercise more. Make big moves career wise . Try to spend more time with my friends, and even make new friends. Learn as much as I can about any and everything. Continue to embrace my perfectly imperfect life. And plenty of other great things.So although 2017 has started crappy health-wise and stress-wise, i have no doubt in my mind year 33 will turn out beautiful. After all, pressure is what makes beautiful diamonds 💕✨ #happybirthdaytome đź’‹

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