Do I want to try this Whole 30 challenge?

So I’ve been checking out a lot of different meal plans to try out, in order to change my horrible eating habits. One that keeps popping up in my searches, as well as all over my Facebook timeline, is the Whole 30 program. So since it seems to be pretty popular and everyone seems to be extremely pleased with their results after trying the program, I decided to go look up the details of this program.

My first thought was ” Watch …this whole 30 madness is gonna be about eating grass, an egg, and only drinking water”. I admit that I’m very pessimistic about most diet plans and healthy food challenges. I don’t usually find them enjoyable, and have a history of trying them and quitting them fairly early. I’m trying to do better though. I’m 33 years old now. My love of medium rare steak, Mexican food, and frequenting fast food places has to be placed under control so that it doesn’t start catching up to me in a horrible way.

So back to this Whole 30 thing. I wasn’t extremely far off with my description, because they clearly don’t want you to eat a lot of the things I absolutely love (major side eye inserted here), but once again that’s my pessimistic diet plan voice speaking out. Here’s a description of all the things you CAN’T eat.

Sugar and dairy are definitely two of my weak spots when it comes to healthy eating because I love candy, and I love,love,LOVE cheese. Immediately I saw this list and got discouraged. My “hell no” antenna went up in record time. Then I decided to at least give it a full chance to read what you CAN eat, instead of shutting down due to what the restrictions are. So I gave myself the time to read the Do’s after the Dont’s so that I could prepare to give an informed, slow no instead of a fast one. Damnit, there goes the pessimistic side speaking again. I’m a work in progress.

The list of what you can eat actually surprised me. I was extremely happy that the diet gods didn’t take meat and fruit out of the meal choices. That instantly made me feel like this whole 30 challenge could actually be doable for me. So here I am, debating on whether I will give this a go.

Some things that I will have to take into major consideration are my caffeine addiction, love of soda, Starbucks addiction, and flavored water. It’s going to be very hard to remove these things from my diet, so I will definitely have to plan out some great, effective substitutes. Back in the day, alcohol would’ve been an issue, but I don’t drink nearly as much as I used to these days.

I’m kinda interested in trying this out to test my discipline and willpower. I definitely feel if I can get through 30 days of this, then I can possibly make some healthy food lifestyle changes that will greatly benefit me. Should I give it a go? We shall see…

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