Dear ASOS and Victoria’s Secret: Ya’ll Got Zuri Tibby All The Way Messed Up

Let’s take a minute and talk about hair….black women’s hair to be specific. Having the most versatile hair on the planet, we style and profile in some of the best and creative ways imaginable! Whether natural, weaved up, or caught up in the rapture of the creamy crack (also known as perm), it’s safe to say we are pretty much killing the hair game! But somewhere along the line, businesses such as Victoria’s Secret and ASOS  must have gotten together and said a collective “Not today”.

Zuri Tibby, a beautiful model from Florida, who is known for slaying the hell out of photoshoots, was recently the hot topic in the black hair world, as she was spotted modeling for Victoria’s Secret and ASOS websites with hair looking like she was fresh off the merry go round and monkey bars from the elementary school playground. Y’all know that look where you played a little too rough with the boys, or it was a little too windy outside so you plaited your hair so it would stop blowing in your face.

I don’t want to blame this look on Zuri because with all her beautiful, well put together photoshoot looks she normally does, I refuse to believe she chose to be on somebody’s website looking fresh out of damns to give. I just refuse to believe she actually chose to sport that post swimming hair look. What I’m willing to bet is that someone that does hair for VS and ASOS photoshoots clearly decided on those days that they would pretend they know how to do black hair to still get their coins.

I need ASOS and Victoria’s Secret folks to understand that the wind blown messy beach hair style doesn’t work for everybody. I need them to understand that our edges need some respect on their name. I need them to understand that they need to put just as much effort and fierceness into a black model’s hair as they do their models of other races. I need them to understand that if they don’t really know how to work with a certain hair texture they shouldn’t attempt it, and put the tragic results all online like this. Zuri Tibby probably would’ve been better off slaying her own hair on those days because the stylists clearly didn’t put much effort toward her look at all. Don’t get me wrong. Let the record show that I think Zuri Tibby is beautiful, and always does great shoots. She is an awesome model, and she is not the issue. I just need ASOS and Victoria’s Secret to understand they got Zuri Tibby all f*cked up.

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