Let’s All Take A Moment to Criticize Beyoncé

Let’s all take a moment to criticize superstar Beyoncé Knowles-Carter…because she does the absolute most.

Let’s criticize her for announcing her pregnancy in a grand way. You know…the same way you thought of little cute ways to announce your pregnancy to the Facebook world and your family. Let’s criticize her for taking “too many maternity photos”, the same way you updated your every symptom, every aggravation, every doctor’s appointment update, and every single maternity photo.

Let’s criticize Beyoncé (a singer/entertainer) for performing (doing her job) during her pregnancy until she couldn’t anymore. You know…the same way you work everyday while pregnant and complained about working everyday until maternity leave kicked in, and then you ran home to make Facebook posts about how you miss work.

Let’s criticize Beyoncé for posting too many couple pics of her and husband Jay Z. You know…….the same kind of pics (staged and unstaged) you run to Instagram and Facebook to post of you and your own significant other every other day, or pay for cheesy photoshoots every other week in order to post,get likes, and let everyone know someone likes/loves you.

Let’s criticize Beyoncé for posting all her outfit pics for her fans….you know…the same pics you post each and every day of the same ole outfits you wear to work, or anytime you clean yourself up and step out of the house. Or the way you post every meal you cook/eat, every workout you complete, or tag yourself everywhere you go outside of your home.

Let’s criticize Beyoncé for posting her children’s pics and memories for her fans to share moments with her. You know..the same type of pics you post every single day of your little ones that you feel you have to flood everyone’s timeline with, in case they forget what your children look like from 24 hrs ago.

Let’s criticize Beyoncé for “running” to make Instagram posts announcing her twins were born. She took a month to present a pic to her waiting fans. You posted all the way from when your water broke to the time you got to the hospital, while you were waiting in labor, went live during contractions, and Facebook knew your babies were born before your epidural could even wear off. But shame on Beyoncé for making her official announcement of her twins delivery a month later.

Let’s criticize Beyoncé for putting all her relationships highs and lows into her music creatively. You know, the same way you run and post your personal business, every bit of drama and subliminal messages online anytime someone even looks your way too long. Shame on Bey for opening up to the world in her own way and getting paid to do so, when she could just blast her life and exploit herself on social media networks for free.

Let’s criticize Beyoncé for debuting her post pregnancy body and questionably flat tummy. You know, the same way you post wayyyyyy more pics of yourself after you’ve lost any significant amount of weight, or had a weight loss surgery, tummy tuck/lipo done. Shame on Beyoncé for being proud of her transformation like anyone else.

Let’s criticize Beyoncé for keeping her demanding Beyhive pleased by posting more often and keeping the main people responsible for her career success updated with what’s going on in her life when she’s not on tour. You know…the same way you keep social media sites updated on your work schedule, where you are, who you’re dating, everything your kids do, every trip you take, every date you go on,etc. Shame on Beyoncé for keeping her money flowing, instead of just keeping the likes coming on Facebook and Instagram to feel important and popular.

Let’s criticize Beyoncé, for keeping you so bothered, simply because she does you better than you do.

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