Messages for your life can come in strange ways


So I left to get coffee on my lunch the other night. On the way back, I stopped at an empty intersection, where an obviously angry, shirtless male was standing in the middle of the road waiting for me to pull my car all the way up. He looked distraught, so I cracked my window thinking he might need help. To my surprise, he yelled ” LET EM SEE!! GET OUT THERE! SHOW YOUR FACE ,LET EM SEE WHO THE F___ YOU ARE!!! SHOW EM! WHAT YOU WAITING FOR?SHOW EM! GET TO THE TOP!” and he kept pointing at the sky. I’m sure you can imagine how terrified and confused I was at that moment.

Although he was obviously mentally ill, I couldn’t help but think that may have been the motivation and push I needed that day. Sometimes messages for our life come in random ways. So thank you, mentally ill angry man…your scary quick masterclass was everything….but stay out the road.
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