Tyrese’s tears: Don’t shame black women for not being easily persuaded

Let’s keep it real for just a minute…For all the men out there who are feeling some type of way about Tyrese’s cry videos and criticizing those of us who aren’t easily persuaded by his tears, make sure you know the details of the case before you go blindly caping for him. Yes it’s rough to be away from your child. But he’s not exactly behaving in a manner that welcomes a safe environment for her.

Not only has this man been abusive in the past to his ex wife, he has been having this woman followed recently. To take things a step further he beat his daughter so bad she couldn’t sit. His daughter confirmed this in court. He violated protection orders flying a banner over his daughters school. Any smart woman would do as his ex wife and get a restraining order and try to get custody. Just think about all that we see publicly and imagine how much worse it is privately. 

Tyrese clearly has issues he needs to get straight, and neither crying for his fans nor continuing to go hard on The Rock publicly will help him. This man needs help and instead of getting it, he’s engaging in social media therapy, something a lot of folks seem to do these days. Likes and going viral will not heal you. Crying for shock factor and attacking ppl online will not help your case. I pray this man gets the help he needs, not just for his sake, but for all the people who love him. 

Ps. black women haven’t forgotten the years of Tyrese dogging us out and criticizing everything we do from our attitudes to how we dress/wear our hair and our weight…when we are/were his biggest fan base.😒 Dont try to shame us for not caping for someone who,other than making money off of us, doesn’t give a damn about us. 🙄

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