5 Tips for Rocking Your Body Acceptance

  2018 is here, and body acceptance has taken over in a great way! Women all over are beginning to embrace the skin they’re in, and loving themselves no matter what size or body type they have. It’s truly a beautiful thing, and the fashion industry has begun to take notice.More than ever designers are beginning to branch out and cater to women in extended sizes, and runways have been spiced up with beautiful women that represent realistic sizing of women worldwide.
Here are a few tips to help you rock your wardrobe while
loving the skin you’re in.
1. Don’t be afraid to go bold.
   In the past, we as plus size women were expected to wear clothing that didn’t draw major attention to ourselves. I can remember reading tips that suggested plus size women should only wear dark colors, especially encouraging black because it was slimming to the eye. Those days are long gone, and it’s time you embrace all the beautiful
hues your heart desires!
  Try that beautiful deep orange that’s perfect for Fall, or that hot pink shade you’ve had your eyes set on for this upcoming Summer. Don’t be afraid to stand out boldly. Honey, you were never meant to fit in. Try out different colors, both light and dark, until you decide which ones complement you best.
2. Mix and match.
   Have fun with your style. Play around with the mixing and matching of different prints to remix your normal wardrobe. Take risks you may have never been comfortable taking due to what others might say. Give your outfits some extra sass by engaging in color blocking and mixing of different textures/prints.
  Lace and leather is one of my personal favorite mix and match combinations. It’s the feminine softness paired with a tough edge that I feel reflects my personality. Of course, not everything can be paired, but if you experiment with different combinations enough you’ll eventually find great pairings that work for you. Don’t be afraid to check out blogs or networks like Pinterest for stylist ideas.
3. Block out your critics.
   Although body acceptance and positivity have become more popular among women worldwide, unfortunately there will always be those that seek to body shame others who don’t fit their standard of beauty. Let’s face it: there will always be hurt people that try to hurt other people with their words and behavior.
  Remove this negativity from your life, both on and offline. Don’t make someone else’s internal conflict your issue. Stop surrounding yourself with people who continue to make you feel uncomfortable with yourself, or people who don’t seem to like the fact that you love yourself the way you are.
  Stop reading nasty comments aimed towards those who look like you, and instead focus on those who celebrate and embrace all body types, including yours. Wear what makes you feel good, and surround yourself with people who make you feel just the same.
4. Flaunt what you love, and minimize what you don’t.
   We all have days where we feel that some things are just off. You may have a day that your legs are looking great, but you feel that your girls aren’t sitting as nice as they normally do. You may feel that your waistline looks great and snatched, but that you don’t like how your arms look in the top you’re wearing. No one said that body acceptance means you’ll feel you’re perfect every minute of the day. “Off” days will happen, and that’s okay.
  Take time to play up the things you feel look great, emphasizing the things you feel you like the most about your body, and minimizing the things you may not be as pleased with at the moment. If you’re not feeling your legs being out today, throw on a cute pair of jeans with a stunning top. If you feel too bloated, find a flowy dress that disguises your midsection, focusing on your legs and knock out heels.
  Take time to make note of the things you love about your body, and the things you love but still feel you need to work on improving. You don’t have to stay home feeling unpretty, or like you have nothing to wear simply because you’re having a day where nothing seems to look or feel right. Learn to shop for the things you want to emphasize as well as for minimizing pieces that will get you through the seasons.
5. Wear your confidence.
   A smile is your greatest accessory. It warms any color combination you could ever come up with. I love the saying “You’re never fully dressed without a smile”. A lot of times it’s your confidence that brings an outfit alive, and makes you stand out. Don’t be afraid to own your own style choices and carry yourself like the stylish diva you are. What better way to send a message of confidence across than a warm smile and a great strut as you go throughout your day?
Chin up, shoulders back, and confidence forward, darling. You are not only beautiful, it you are also beautifully made. Don’t ever let anyone or anything make you feel otherwise.

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